Juried Arts


Lake Street and Central Way Lot

Park Lane
Kirkland, WA, 98033
United States

Event Dates:

July 26, 27, 28, 2019 ??? 2 or 3 days??"





APPLY - All artists must submit one application per category they are participating in to be considered in this event. Categories are listed below under “Medium Categories.” Artists may apply to a maximum of 6 categories. Please note that there is a $30 fee per application.

IMAGES - Artists must submit 6 images. Images must adequately display their hand-made product and at least one image must display the booth.

Medium Categories

The Juried Arts is only accepting applications for hand-created art from the following mediums:

  • Glass

  • Home Accessories

  • Jewelry (Metal, Clay, Pearl/Gemstone, Wire Work, Beaded)

  • Outdoor/Yard Art

  • Paint/Print

  • Photography

  • Pottery

  • Sculpture

  • Specialty Food

  • Textile

  • Woodwork


  • Artists may display work only in the categories accepted

  • Artists must have a valid and current UBI and pay state sales tax

  • Artists must be open for the entire duration of Festival Hours.

  • Artists agree to have their booth staffed at all times

  • Artists agree to comply with all city regulations, including the plastic bag ban and tent weight requirements

  • Artists agrees to booth set-up within boundaries of the footprint agreed upon, portable booth collateral may not extend beyond booth boundaries and aisle-ways must be kept clear at all times

  • Artwork must be handmade and produced by or under the direction of the artist.

  • Artists are to comply with all regulations and respect artistry standards

  • All areas must be kept free of waste, and garbage disposed of in the Garbage Drop Zone, as indicated by Chump Change Productions Staff

  • Chump Change Productions reserves the right to remove any artist for disregard of the written rules/regulations or for disruptive/abusive behavior


What services do you provide to artists?

  • Promotion via multi-platform marketing efforts (social media, Kirkland Summerfest website, City of Kirkland)

  • Booth sitters

What is involved in the selection process and who is on the jury?
The selection process involves a review by a jury, which scores each applicant on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. Applicants are scored on the following criterion; booth appearance, originality, craftsmanship, and market appeal. The jury includes members of the local Kirkland arts community.
May I select my location?
You may request a specific spot, but this placement is not guaranteed. Please list placement requests on your application. We try to accommodate all requests, but the jury makes the final decisions regarding the placement of artists. The jury considers all aspects of the applicant, including score and category, when selecting the location. Every attempt is made to separate similar artists so that there is a great amount of variety in every location.

May I sell commercial products?
No.  All products must be hand-made by the applicant.

What is the load-in/load-out process and must I line up?
The load-in and load-out processes are created to help the artists load/unload efficiently and easily. There will be a packet mailed the week before the event, stating exactly when each artist should arrive and line up. It is crucial that artists adhere to the specifics of the load-in/load-out schedule in order to assure an orderly process. Artists who miss their scheduled time will need to hand cart their artwork to their booth space. Parking has typically been very limited. Also, please note that there will be carts and volunteers on hand to help artists unload during established load-in times.

Do you provide tents?

No. Each artist must provide their own easy-up shade and four 25 lbs tent weights. We recommend having tent walls for closing hours, as well. If you are in the market, we recommend purchasing this set on Amazon. It includes everything you need, you will simply fill the sandbags with gravel and be ready for the event! Tent weights will be heavily enforced by the Kirkland Fire Marshall. If you need just the weights, we recommend this set for their cleanliness and ease of use. Remember, it is a minimum of 25 lbs per leg, for a total of 100 lbs of weight per tent.

Fine Print


All booth assignments are created by the Jury Committee. There will be a limited number of corner booths available, for an upcharge. Overnight security is present roaming the grounds, but not overseeing any specific booths/areas. All booths are outdoors. Electricity is not available. Artists must supply their own booth materials- Canopy, tables, racks, chairs, and tent weights. Final booth layout and assignments will be included in the Load In Packet.

Refund Policy:

If cancelling more than 90 days from the event you will receive a 75% refund

If cancelling with 60 days from event you will receive a 50% refund

If cancelling within 30 days or less you will receive a 25% refund

Cancellation Policy: Kirkland Summerfest enacts a Force Majeure Clause where no party shall be liable for any failure to perform its obligations where such failure is a result of Acts of Nature (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, or other natural disaster), Acts of God, Acts of War, dispute strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service and no other party will have a right to terminate this agreement in such circumstances once this contract is signed by both parties. Vendor is required to follow all rules and regulations set forth by all event, city, state and national law making organizations. Responsibility to perform in compliance is solely owned by the Vendor and noncompliance does not void above contract or Vendor fee.

HOLD HARMLESS: Applicant agrees to protect, indemnify and hold harmless Chump Change Productions, The City of Kirkland, and the Kirkland Downtown Association, their officers, employees, supervisors, and representatives from any and all losses, liabilities, damages, injuries, or rights of action directly or indirectly growing out of the use of the premises covered by this agreement. We highly recommend all artists have insurance to protect themselves against losses or damages.

Legal Agreement:

Kirkland Summerfest is under the direction and supervision of Chump Change Productions.

I/We hereby release and forever discharge Chump Change Productions, City of Kirkland, Kirkland Downtown Association, all sponsoring organizations, their directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers from any responsibility, personal liability, claims, loss or damage arising out of or in conjunction with my/our participation in the Kirkland Summerfest. Kirkland Summerfest will not be responsible for any injury sustained by exhibitors or in space designated for exhibits. Furthermore, I/We understand that I/We store my/our artwork at my/our own risk. Applicant agrees to abide by all rules set forth herein. Applicant agrees that photos submitted are representative of work to be exhibited and Kirkland Summerfest reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to advise applicant of any work that does not meet the standards set forth, and applicant agrees that such work will be immediately removed upon request by Kirkland Summerfest officials. Failure to remove such work or abide by other rules set forth may result in applicant's removal from the Kirkland Summerfest, and/or applicant being prohibited from future participation in Chump Change Productions Events. If accepted into Kirkland Summerfest, applicant agrees to obtain a UBI# from the WA State Department of Revenue. If accepted, applicant agrees to give permission to Chump Change Productions to use their artwork images in its internal publications and for Chump Change Productions publicity in external print media, TV and radio.